Delhi-based startup FIOHO, bringing a revolutionary change in the way helpers are managed !

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FIOHO : Helper Management Software

Managing helpers can be as crucial as managing the office work. Domestic helpers are a very important part of our lives and somehow we’ve been neglecting that sector for the longest time now. Having taken domestic helpers and their management for granted, it’s time that we bring a change in the form of FIOHO.

FIOHO, Find Information On Helpers Online is a cloud based application which acts as a platform to connect the residents with the domestic helpers, making sure all the helpers are verified for Aadhaar number and KYC documents. Even an extensive background check is done which includes a thorough scrutiny of criminal records as well. Making sure all the domestic helpers registered on FIOHO are professional in outlook, there are also a few products and services which have been diligently put forward for the betterment of the helpers.

FIOHO is one of its kind application which not only makes sure the residents are safe but also takes into consideration their day to day requirements like making a helper available on an urgent basis using its service ‘Instant Helper’. Once registered, the residents can easily post job requirements for the helper. They will be immediately displayed with the domestic helpers in their locality, abiding by their time and related work requirements. This facility of instant requirement of helpers is catered by the enormous database of the domestic helpers which gets updated from time to time. Not only this, the application has the facility to calculate the attendance and accordingly their automated salary report is generated; it gives an insight into their punctuality, ensuring transparency.

Managing the helpers has never been easier. One can sit at ease in any corner of the world while his/her domestic helper completes the chores. This is ensured by FIO-FI Smart Guard which keeps an eye on the helpers on behalf of the residents. The product enables the residents to access even the previous videos with great ease.

It’s sure that FIOHO will bridge the gap between the residents and the domestic helpers, so as to bring them together on the same page. The latest technology is being used to cater to the unsaid needs of the domestic helpers as well as the residents. Though the domestic helpers are mostly looked down upon, it’s of utmost importance to bring them forward and give them the right to put their voices on the table. With FIOHO, it’s made sure that every opinion is raised and nothing gets compromised with. With a motive to bring a revolutionary change in the sector dealing with domestic helpers, FIOHO is all set to get launched soon.

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