DivazZo: Be A Diva Because Every Woman is Important

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Divazzo Be a Diva

GenX i Media again came up with his new idea called DivazZo – BE A DIVA. DivazZo is an another thought displayed by GenX for his perusers which turn around the lives of women, which covers each piece of a women life be it her relationship matters, her wellbeing, her style, her B-town interest and significantly more….. It’s about the life of Diva

DivazZo is a women based magazine launched in May 2017 by Mrs Bhawna Prasher Giri and Mr Jetesh Prasher that covers the essentials of every woman’s life. In today’s scenario, women have proved that they can do any work or can beat anyone and has all the capabilities to achieve the heights.

Presently its nor the scenario where the ladies have saved for just the household chores…. Now ladies can deal with their employments alongside their family errands … They can deal with her families, her child her husband and similar side they can coordinate the feet with their better half keeping in mind the end goal to help her family monetarily.

So with a specific end goal to advance this energy of ladies, we have made an extraordinary corner which is saved for “Women ONLY”.

DivazZo is a platform where show the thoughts, ideas, perspectives, and musings about the life of a lady whether it is an excursion of women’s life, her beauty hacks, her relationship inconveniences, said Mrs Jyoti Singh, CHRO, GenX i Media.

We share the things of lady’s which we mind about.

DivazZo is a venture of GenX i Media Private Limited.

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