Indigo grounds two more A320 neo aircrafts

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Two more Indigo airlines for the Bengaluru-Delhi route were grounded at the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport for safety concerns.

There was an engine snag. The aviation authority DGCA has asked the budget carriers Indigo and GoAir not to refit these engines with spare parts in the inventory.

The flier assured the passengers via a statement that read,” We would like to assure our passengers that 96 percent to 98 percent of our flights are operating as usual.”

Indigo confirmed that one of the two aircraft saw metal chips in the left engine while other aircraft was withdrawn due to hydraulic leakage.

In a statement, a spokesperson from Indigo said,” An A320neo aircraft that operated Bangalore-Delhi Sunday morning was proactively withdrawn in Delhi for a maintenance check to attend to a Pilot Reported Defect. During the maintenance check, metal chips were observed on #1 Engine, #3 Bearing Chip detectors which is a known concern on the Neo engine”.

In a separate statement about the second incident, the company said: “A320 neo aircraft that operated Delhi-Srinagar was cleared after maintenance checks upon arrival at Srinagar airport. However, during engine start, the Pilot-in-Command observed a hydraulic (not oil) leakage from #2 engine. The aircraft was immediately withdrawn to investigate the hydraulic leak. The issue has been rectified.”

Earlier 626 flights were canceled by both Indigo and GoAir due faulty engines that led to the grounding of 11 Pratt & Whitney flights last week.

The planes were equipped with engines of the older series that led to the grounding of numerous planes the previous year. It caused disruption in airline operations.

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