Meet an innovative startup, FIOHO which has made domestic helpers hiring safe and secure !

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Searching domestic helpers isn’t an easy job specially when trustworthiness is a prime concern in current society. Taking into consideration the dire need of good helpers along with the security issues that accompany them, FIOHO came into being.

FIOHO, Find Information on Helpers Online is an innovative application, furnishing the idea of secure domestic help to an altogether different level. It uses cloud technology to provide real-time visibility of helpers in addition to giving the residents an opportunity to hire Aadhaar based helpers on a go. It helps the residents stay safe and secure. It’s of high significance to the helpers as well, saving them from false accusations.

Mr. Jetesh Prasher and Mr. Ankur Sharma, the founders of FIOHO says “The live, web based tracking of helpers can be accessed anytime from any corner of the world using this application. FIOHO is a step towards achieving perfection in managing domestic helpers. It also brings with it a system embedded with motion sensors, alerting the resident when a person tries to barge in through doors or windows”.

Offering quality service to residents, FIOHO has come up as a reliable source to hire domestic help on a permanent as well as emergency basis. When dealing with an emergency, the application gives the residents ample suggestions of nearest available helpers to be contacted when in need. With an automated system, FIOHO makes sure no unauthorized person enters the resident’s home, making home secure from fraud helpers. A complete report gets generated with the entry and exit times of the helpers. This report can be accessed by the user at any point of time, offering a comprehensive insight into the working pattern of the domestic helpers.

With breakthrough ideas, Mr. Prasher believes in coming up with nothing less than the best, trying to achieve the same in the form of FIOHO. This initiative also protects unauthorized access to home by capturing images of the intruders, assuring the residents a sense of security at all times.

The application is focused to cater Delhi-NCR in its initial months. Post targeting the capital city, PAN India locations will be covered. A step towards exploring the fusion of technology with security, FIOHO has made managing domestic help the easiest !

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