Noida-based Website Development Company, GenX Creative Studio is bringing a change in the digital space !

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GenX Creative Studio

With a number of website designing companies, Mr. Jetesh Prasher, the Founder, noticed one factor, lack of creativity and this is what he made sure gets imparted in the projects developed by GenX Creative Studio. From designing creative mobile applications to developing user friendly e-commerce web portals, the company makes sure it always takes the creativity a level up and makes it the website’s USP.

The one motto to ensure growth is sheer creativity and innovativeness, and GenX Creative Studio stands on these two pillars. Being supported by Mr. Ankur Sharma, the Co-Founder of GenX Creative Studio focuses on building peoples’ businesses by bringing them online and making them begin their digital journeys. A website has become a synonym for a business these days and why not, it has innumerable benefits; from being viewed by a huge audience to increasing the clientele, a website gives you all that your business requires. It bestows an edge to the business, taking it to heights in no time; hence today, having a website isn’t an option, it has become a necessity.

Mobile application is one step ahead of website development and is designed with a sharp eye. Every minute factor is being taken care of and the subject which draws maximum attention is the navigation. To manage and look into an entire business just through a tiny screen is amazing and to make best use of it by providing great user experience is what GenX Creative Studio believes in. Mr. Prasher says, “When it comes to a mobile application, we believe in bringing creativity out of simplicity. Such an amalgamation works best for most businesses. When a user is going through a mobile application, he has limited options and that’s the reason why a mobile application should be simple. If we would make it complex and difficult to handle, the main purpose of having a mobile application would vanish. Hence ease of navigation is the key for us.”

Having said that, they know what’s to be done when; when a project demands simplicity and when it demands the user to go through various subjects to finally hit the target. That’s the art the two Co-Founders have put into every element of GenX Creative Studio. The designing team of the organization consists of a bunch of talented people who make sure the website or the mobile application or any other creative for that matter, capture the targeted audience by being aesthetically attractive. This brings out the best of the business in the most polished form.

Looking forward to tapping the market extensively and making every business count, GenX Creative Studio has already bagged a few projects and vouches to make their online presence worthwhile.

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