Petrol pump dealers call off strike on October 13

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The petrol pump who has earlier decided to go on a nation- wide strike on October 13 has now called off the idea after state oil company threatened to cancel contracts of around 300 major dealers on Wednesday.

It was reported that if the strike would have been taken place then around 54,000 petrol pumps across the country would remain shut.

An official from Hindustan Petroleum said in a statement, “All the three constituents of the United Petroleum Front (UPF) have called off the proposed all-India strike planned for 13th and 27th October 2017. This was conveyed to the oil companies through written statements, underlining their decision to this effect”.

The decision of nation-wide Petrol pump strike came after the meeting of UPF, where many petrol pumps dealers decided to raise their voice aginst the unfair marketing guidelines and penalties under the current GST regime.

Adding further to this he said, “We have withdrawn the proposed strike since oil companies have advised us to do that”.

All India Petroleum Dealers Association and Consortium of Indian Petroleum Dealers and Federation of All India Petroleum Traders, decided to suspend the services throughout the nation in an meeting with the UPF which is considered as the umbrella organisation of all three nationwide organizations of petrol pump dealers.

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