A story of strength: Meet Fearless Geeta Tandon

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Geeta Tandon’s incredible journey from hell heaven set an example for everyone to not give up at any circumstances.

Tondon is an Indian stunt woman by profession but her fearlessness and determination has brought her to the level where she is today. She has performed for numbers Bollywood actors including Katrina Kaif , Aishwarya Rai , Alia Bhatt, Malaika Arora Khan and so on.

However, Geeta Tandon has achieved so much after surpassing hardship at every stage with her brave and strong attitude towards life.

From driving break free speedy cars to being set on fire is not just Geeta Tandon. She is far beyond this as she is real life hero.

Her struggle began from her childhood, when she lost her mother at the age of nine. Tandon and her three siblings were shifting from relative to relative as her father struggled to meet up basic necessities by singing at jagrans in Mumbai.

When she was 15, her tomboyish attitude raised concerned for her father and relatives, following this they thought early marriage is solution for this.

She got married to 24 year old man who made her life hell, as she was forced to have sex, on daily basis husband used to beat her. Besides all these, she got pregnant at 16.

When she got pregnant she thought, her life will become less miserable but it got gloomier.

Not only this after her second child, Tandon’s situation was more disgusting. She also tried running away from in law’s house thrice which was moreover a nightmare.

When she went to police station to lodge a complaint against her husband, there returned empty handed, as police said to consult marriage counselor.

At the age of 20, she decided to surpass this obstacle, she let herself free and moved on with courage. As she never worked before, somehow she managed to work and struggled for herself and her children’s.

Today her earnings are more than 7-8 lakhs per annum. she is a proud mother of two children’s including one daughter is 17 and a son who is  15 both go to school and are very close to their mother.

In Bollywood industry every one respect her for courage and determination throughout her journey.

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