Bhartiya Maa Ke Side Effects : That Every Indian Girl Faced ……

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Indian Mom and Daughter

Almost all mothers have fuss over their children, but our Indian mothers, perhaps a bit more….. Keeping in mind we cherish the extraordinary things that our moms do to demonstrate us their friendship, now and then their ways can be a bit, um, cerebrum dissolving..

Here are some facts about our “Bhartiya Maa” which you can relate it with you if you are an Indian Girl…..

1) Don‘t Dare to miss a call from her; if you do so than  : If she calls up for you make sure that every time you will receive the call in the very first attempt only. Because if you miss any call from her, in a single row she is gonna call each and every person that has even minimum chance to informing you about her.

2) She never answer her phone and you cannot point her : Our mothers usually “DO NOT” answer the call on the first row, either they forget their phone on the charging point or they will forget to bring along with them….. But but but…. You cannot blame her for the same…because if you do so you are in a big trouble.

3) She is “GHEE OBSESSED” : When it comes to feed us then nobody can beat Indian mothers as she has an obsession of feeding more and more “GHEE” to us. Like JITNA GHEE = UTNA PYAAR.

4) Faster than an alarm clock : There is nothing much to write on this we all know the fact that our mother having a clock which runs at least half an hour earlier then with our wall clock….. So if you have ever asked her to wake you up in the morning either to study or for the assignments, she will make sure that you will wake up before the sunrise…..

5) The Agenda of “GOL ROTI” : There are hardly few girls who haven’t heard this line…”BETA GOL ROTI BANANA SIKHO” What will happen when you will get married?..And the answer is Why…. How the shape of my roti can decide about my future relation with my in laws….. how…. MAA…??

6) For everything your Phone is responsible : Less marks in exams ?…..PURA DIN PHONE ME LAGE REHTE HO….. Getting late for the office / college ? RAAT BHAR PHONE PAR LAGE REHTE HO SUBHA JALDI KAISE UTHOGE….. If anything….. and I am talking about anything bad happened your phone will be responsible for it….. as you always get connected with your phone.

7) Mujhe Nahi Pata ? : The most famous statement by moms “MUJHE NAHI PATA” stands for – NO or you should end the discussion now. So if you think you can convince her to go out for a trip with your friends or can buy the new expensive dress for friend’s party or for a night out…THE ANSWER IS NOOO ..…

8) Boyfriend or Friend ? : Planning to introduce your best friend or BF to your mother…Then make sure you are carrying his resume with you…its quite a LOL thing…. But yes this is true.Because she prepares herself for the questions ranging from the age to the last organization he has worked with…And affcourse last but not the least.. When are you planning to get married….. HUHHHH…..

9) Beta Khana Khaya? Kya Khaya ? : The most frequently asked question by Mom’s must say….. at least thrice in a day. Don’t you dare to eat something from outside. Otherwise you will get this… GHAR KA KHANA KYU ACHA LAGEGA…which nobody can answer…..if you dare to that nothing can prepare you for the guilt-trip that follows.

10) Indian Moms = Superstitious Women  : Every time you use to go for an interview or first day at school, college ….. “MEETHA KHAKAR JANA…SHUBH HOTA HAI”. This statement gives the clarity about how our mom’s concerned about us and our future.

BUT “You will find no better best friend than your mother in this world. The more you grow the more you realize that your MOM is the best friend that you ever had…. P.S. I LOVE YOU MOM..

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