Dark Women : Don’t Apologize !

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Dark Women

On numerous occasions, with an ultimate objective to fight society’s speculations of us and appear as non-undermining as would be sensible we apologize for things like our aspiration, our autonomy, our hair, our body shape, our looks, our appraisals and an unending list….

But ladies, enough is enough now!!!

Many times, black women feels mortified because of their black color and they have to apologize for their skin color. Our way of life, our assessments and our voices can’t be unheard.

We all have a right to speak and we are far beyond that….

Here are some few example of woman’s who are black in color but they had proved in past that color cannot change the path for success :

Michelle Obama : The lady portrays a positive image, as being respected, beautiful and a powerful lady and she has no regrets of her color.

Nandita Das : Nandita Das is an Indian film actress and a director. She had also launched a campaign “Dark is beautiful Campaign” related to biasness of skin color in India. She is an exhorting woman who has written an article on “Stay Unfair, Stay Beautiful”.

Chitrangada Singh : She is an Indian film actress who works primarily in Bollywood and has always carried off her dusky complexion with a great attitude and an ease.

Bipasha Basu : She is named as the ” Dusky Beauty of Bollywood “. I am Dark skinned and I am proud of it she quoted as.

Deepika Padukone : This lady gets applause for her gorgeous dusky skin. We all know that she is one of the highest paid actresses of B-Town.

Kajol Devgan : Kajol has dependably been known for being a strong bong excellence in the Industry. She is one of the versatile Bollywood actress working since 20 years.

Konkana Sen Sharma : She is dark, bold and beautiful. She is slowly stepping the ladder of success with her amicable personality. She has never done any advertisement on fairness cream as she happy with her skin color.

And we must say “if you have it, you should flaunt it”.

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