English Words that have an entirely different meaning in India

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In India, people are completely unpredictable. One cannot know at a time what other is thinking or what they are up to. Not only about the opinions but how they see and perceive thing are completely unique. Certain English words are there which have a different meaning globally but they have a whole new meaning among Indians.

Not getting exactly what we are conveying??? Right…So here we are enlisting the words that have a complete “Desi Meaning” in India.

1) – Auto

What it globally means: Self, one’s own, by oneself.Something which works on their own without the use of any human energy.

What it means in India: A three wheeler auto rickshaw whose driver always asks for a change even though he has it.

2) – Change

What it globally means: Change stands for becoming different or to completely become different.

What it means in India: Change here stands to the coins which we called as “Chillar”.


What it globally means: Horns are basically consisting of a core of bone encased in keratinized skin which is basically found in pairs over the heads of cow, buffaloes goats etc.

What it means in India: Basically in India, it is used by the drivers in order to get rid of the traffic.


What it globally means: Basically it is used for stage performances.

What it means in India: It is used in the game of “TEEN PATTI” that means to show your cards.


What it globally means: A band or a strip used to wrap or tie something.

What it means in India: In India, this word makes a great importance especially in the lives of the student during exams just like jaldi tape le ma’am dekh lengi….


What it globally means: A painting or a picture.

What it means in India: A 3-hour movie in the theaters which we use to call a picture.

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