Hesitation exists !!

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Hesitation Exists

And yes, I firmly believe that hesitation exists. Even after 69 years of independence how much we say, we are modern and not of orthodox type and extrovert we are; but somewhere down the line we have some sort of hesitation in us.

I remember one incident, when my friend has to get a sanitary napkin from the nearest medical store and she was hesitant going inside the shop, just because 6 men were standing right infront of her. And she was feeling embarrassed that what will they think if she will ask the chemist to give her a packet of sanitary napkin?

I wonder, what was wrong in asking that, a girl has a full fledged right to demand such an essential thing, after all she is the one who goes through all pain and torture during the time of mensturation. I personally feel that can’t be the reason for awkwardness.

It’s okay, we are born and brought up in this manner only. This is a common mentality that exists in all of us, that even when a girl passes urine, she is told not to make that fuzzy sound. And see, a man can make his toilet anywhere in the world. Sad, but that’s the truth.

We are told to put our undergarments under some clothes whenever we keep them outside on the rope in our lavish balcony, whereas a man can put it anywhere. Nobody notices it. Why so? Why we forget the fact that these are our basic necessities which protects our body and that’s the only thing we need to hide.

This is the kind of hesitation I am talking about and these spaces are just created by us and we can only eradicate.

This is my general observation but there are many such incidence that are happening with all of us every now and then. We just fail to notice them or even if someone wants to tell us something, most of the time it remains unheard. Just because we are girls, and are meant to stay in this way.

We need to ask ourselves, are we actually modern or we just pretend to be?

The answer is within all of us, nobody wanted to answer it and we let the things as it is. It just remains a question mark and nothing else.

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