No kidding !!! These things are truly every girl’s weakest points…

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Have you ever wonder the fact that why some guys end up by getting the best girl possible in the town? Well, the solution to this is not too tough as it doesn’t limit to just looks and brains… it’s too far guys… Our sympathy is with you.

To understand a girl is almost every boy’s dream which is really tough… but don’t stress over it as there are some specific traits which can drive a girl crazy for you!!!

There is no such secret recipe for understanding a girl as there is some or the same traits which every girl is drained to.

So, to break the code we bring some pointers which will help you to attract a girl or to turn a girl’s head or ultimately win her heart.

Believe us these points have been witnessed a lot of times and who knows it might leads to a U-turn for which you can thanks us later!!!

Black color

Have you given a thought that why in movies black is so trending within boys??? Why now and then you tend to see boys in the black t-shirt or suit. The matter of the fact is that the black color draws the attention of a girl’s heart which helps to attract the girl and pump her heart for you. “Man in black” is always appreciable as black color is suited best for most of the guys.

So remember next time when you try to impress a girl… Follow Black!!!

Wrist watch

Are the wrist watches too important in the dress code??? Really … yes, it is in today’s scenario (in some cases) because looks are the facts that judge you before your nature. Wrist watch adds a little spice to the food by that we mean, it emphasizes the physical appearance of the boys by drawing the girl’s attention towards you.


Seriously… this is the point that no girl can say no to it. Believe us!!! Good body shape and abs can make any girl crazy for you. So if you are not working on it… Get the appointment of your Gym trainer and start your homework from today…

Folded sleeves

Are you aware of the fact that, when a guy rolls up his sleeves, he becomes ten times sexier… No, we are not kidding!!! The guys who fold their sleeves they tend to look muscular and girls truly appreciate those boys.  Just give a try and see miracles…


Let us make you mindful of the fact that, most of the girls love veins on guys arm. So if you are working hard in the gym then do work on this also. Not too much but a little which gives a great impression that you are carrying a good physique.


A little beard on your face can make every second girl gaga over you and can make her knees weak for you. Might be possible!!!

So guys… we have done our work in helping you out. Now you have to do your homework and work on it… All the Very Best!!!

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