Story of a Girl : She Comes in Colors

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Story of a Girl

I am a heap of sweetness, the excellence of spring time the glow of the sun. I am innocent covered with soot.

Yes, I am a girl.

I am the one far from reality and always in my dreams! A creature of moods not so easy to please .Yes I am a chatter box, and can cry till your patience wears thin. I am my “Mom’s Little Darling Daughter and my Dad’s Princess.”

My make up doesn’t make me better but my mind can. Yes I am Sexy but I am not a Slut.  I can shine amongst those who never believed that she could.

I have a family; my power does not come from my body but from my heart, my mind and my soul. My straight forward look can catch your heart because I am beautiful in my own way.

I am a survivor, regardless of how intense life gets I never surrendered. I am a woman, living not to impress men, but to create my own avenue.

I choose to live my life on my own terms.

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