Story of Laughter Man: Charlie Chaplin

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Making some laugh is an art and talent. It’s not a cup of everyone tea but for Charlie Chaplin it was a passion.

Chaplin is one of the pivotal Hollywood actors of Silent Film Era, who conquered the world with a smiling face.

He was and will be maestro of laughter, who taught life is a full of amusement while accepting the truth.

However, behind every laughing and charming personality there is something that made them the way they are. So, similarly Chaplin’s hardships made him the way he was.

Here we bring Chaplin’s extraordinary saga.

Chaplin was born as Charles Spencer Chaplin on April 16, 1889, in Walworth, London, England.

He belongs to lower middle class family his mother Hannah Harriet Pedlingham (Hill) was small stage actor and singer, while his father Charles Chaplin was a vocalist and notorious drinker.

At very age Charlie his parents got separated, that left Chaplin and his brother Syd Chaplin in the hands of their mother. It was a turning point of his life as his mother suffered from mental illness too but somehow she managed to fulfill basic necessities of the life.

Charlie began his career at the age of eight with the Eight Lancashire Lads. Chaplin made his debut in acting as a pageboy in a production of Sherlock Holmes.

He started touring with the Karno troupe in the United States, where he came into the eye of Keystone Studio’s director Mack Sennett which was his biggest career break.

In 1914, he became famous for his role of “The Little Tramp” with a bowler hat, mustache and cane.

At the age of 26 Charlie became superstar with his splendid performances. The 1920s era was the golden period of his life as within a decade he made spectacular films like The Kid (1921),  A Woman in Paris (1923),  The Gold Rush (1925), a movie Chaplin would later say he wanted to be remembered by, and The Circus (1928).

He never stopped to showcase his tendency to influence his fans with his extraordinary films until his last breath.

On December 25, 1977, Chaplin died in Corsier-sur-Vevey, Vaud, Switzerland.

Charlie’s life was full of controversies be it his love or career life. He got married several times which his love life majestic and full of storms. However, his charismatic and approach towards life made him superstar of early cinema.

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