The journey so Far: Pro’s and con’s of AAP Government

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Almost two years have been passed since Arvind Kejriwal avant-garde AAP Government nailed down its historic victory in the Delhi Assembly Elections which took place in the year 2015.

It was the year 2013 when the AAP government first came into existence by winning 28 seats in the state elections and formed a government by seeking the outside support from Congress which is his rival political party, but unfortunately, it can last longer for only 49 days.

Although, it was just a trailer for the novice political party and later it marked its spectacular victory by winning the Delhi Assembly elections by getting the majority of 67 out of 70 Assembly seats and come with the flying colors.

Positive Effects

Leaving behind all the barrier Arvind Kejriwal is the one in the country who didn’t fear from anyone and continue doing his work, leaving all the obstacles which come on his way since from the creation of  Aam Aadmi Party long back in the year 2012. Some of its highlights of his positive steps taken after becoming the Delhi’s Chief Minister are:

Odd-even rule

Free water facility to all the households

Reduce Pollution

Building Schools and Colleges

Negative Effects

From the beginning, Delhi Chief Minister is facing a close tiff because of two main reasons which are: (a) dictator- like powers (b) raising voice against the Centre.

Media was one of those advantages for Kejriwal who has been supporting him, it was the main reason for his glorious victory in the assembly election. But Arvind Kejriwal has not spared the media even who was supporting his in the movement, but he ends up giving jibe on media with his demeaning statements. By demanding the removal of Lt. Governor Najeeb Jung and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Arvind Kejriwal can also now demand the removal of US President Donald Trump. Some of its highlights of his negative steps taken and not being fulfilled till now after becoming the Delhi’s Chief Minister are:

Politics of Garbage

Conflicts within the party where, Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav, were expelled.

Farmer’s suicide (Gajendra Singh) at its rally

Kejriwal had asked Delhiites to catch on camera politicians and bureaucrats indulging in corruption.

Sandeep Kumar, who was sacked as the Delhi minister for Women and Child Development

The Delhi Government will provide installing over 10 lakh CCTV cameras facility in public spaces to provide security to women.

Fight against corruption

Making Wi-Fi available for free all over Delhi

Swaraj Bill

Making the capital drug-free

Reasons for the failure

Centre V/S AAP

Controversies with LG

‘Thulla’ remark


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