Why The Dolls are screaming ??

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The increasing heart-wrenching incident of rape is increasing in the nation just like fire in the forest, which proves that the girls are not even safe in their own homes.

This makes the nation so shameful that even in today’s scenario, where we say our economy and technology is increasing in each successive day and we are becoming modern within our thoughts, there comes a development which will give goosebumps that even the kids are also not safe on their own houses or from their own people’s.

Nowadays the number of the rape cases in the nation is increasing at an alarming rate. In a survey, it was found that out of 1000 women 85 women were raped at least once as a minor with an average age of between 5-14 years.

The results of child rapes and child sexual abuse over the minds of kids become so effective which would result in the development of psychological problems, health problems, and would increase the risk of death.

The case of minor rape which came to the limelight outlines, a 10-year-old was raped by her stepfather and becomes pregnant.

The entire incident comes to the focus of attention when the girl’s mother found that the victim is 5 months pregnant after getting the Medical diagnosis done by the doctor. Her mother is a migrant laborer from Bihar who was currently working in Haryana’s Rohtak District.

If sources are to be believed then this girl was repeatedly raped by her stepfather who is also her paternal uncle and threatened the girl to keep quiet and told not to disclose the matter to anyone.

After this incident, the girl’s family demanded the doctors to proceed with the abortion process. But, according to our Indian Law, it does not permit termination of pregnancy after 20 weeks until and unless doctors confirm that the mother’s life is in danger.

In the recent month, Indian Supreme court is getting multiple petitions from rape victims to terminate the pregnancy and the petitions have been transferred to the medical experts.

After the days of struggle finally, the girl won the right from the court to undergo the abortion process. As per the doctor’s panel, abortion process might take place now.

After this horrifying incident, another incident which comes up to the light is a 6-year-old girl who was again repeatedly raped by her stepfather in Delhi’s Saket Place, who is reportedly in critical condition.

The news comes up when her one of the neighbor found the girl bleeding and immediately informed the 181 women’s helpline. As per the sources, the girl has been admitted to AIIMS Delhi and suffering from extensive internal injuries, her private parts were infected and the team of doctors will undergo a surgery.

Going through to the news until now, one can take the note of the fact that leaving the girls or women beside; toddlers are even not safe in their own homes.

Although, this is not the first case where we are enlightened about such cases, previously also several incidents has occurred in which minor kids faced these situations and which would result either in the psychological problems or the death of the victims.

Nowadays several schemes, plans, and policies, or initiatives are been introduced by the government was taken by the people of the girl child but what if the girl child does not have a happy life, what if her life is full of pain, illness, sadness instead of a bright future she is going deep down into the darkness where no plans, schemes, and policies will work until and unless she felt secured from inside.

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