29 students fell sick in Madhya Pradesh

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In a shocker from MP, Madarsa students fell ill by food poising after eating castor seeds near Sohagpur Police Station in Shahdol on Thursday.

The incident has left 29 children ill in Koni region of Shahdol district in Madhya Pradesh. The situations of these students are critical and they are admitted to a local hospital for treatment. Moreover, there was not much bed facility so doctors are treating them on hospital floors.

Tabbur Hussain, a Moulavi at Madarsa told the media that when the students started vomiting, one of the students informed him that they had consumed castor that tasted like a cashew nut. He immediately took them to a local hospital. Castor seeds are poisonous.

All of the affected children are 7-8 years old and belong to Ward No. 1 of Rahmania Madarsa.

Manoj Chaurasia, Sub Divisional Magistrate of Shahdol said that there is a Madarsa situated in the area with around 50 children. More than 20 of these students ate Castor food and fell ill. The school coordinator rushed them to a hospital where they are being treated. The situation of one of the student is very critical while others are safe.

Earlier, 30 students fell ill after eating Biryani at a banquette organized in Madarsa at Bhiwandi in Maharashtra. They faced problems like vomiting, stomach ache, and diarrhea and were admitted to a nearby IGM Hospital. Some of the situations even worsened to a level that they were referred to hospitals in Mumbai.

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