3 killed and 15 injured in a Chemical Factory blast

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chemical factory blast

3 people died and more than a dozen injured in at least 40 blasts that took place in a rock chemical factory in Boisar-Tarapur industrial estate of Palghar near Mumbai on Thursday. 

The local police officials said that the blast took place around 11.15 pm.  A massive fire followed the blasts that ripped through a private chemical manufacturing company.

Fire controllers rushed to the spot and the operation is on. A few reports suggest that the blast occurred in a boiler room of the Chemical plant.

Manjunath Singhe, a Police Superintendent told the media,” There are chemical drums inside these companies, due to which the fire is spreading.”

The dead bodies were found during the search operation. Pintu Kumar GautamJanu Adria, and Alok Nath are identified among dead.

The fire rose to three neighboring industries.

“Six chemical factories were affected by the fire. NovapheneUnimaxPrachiArti, Bharat RasayanDarbar.” Manjunath added.

He asked the people to stay away from rumors. He spoke that “Revenue, police, fire and medical team are on the spot. The entire area is corned off. Teams are trying their best to extinguish the fire.”

Palghar is situated 150 kilometers away from Mumbai.

People those who are injured are admitted to a local hospital.

The blasts were so huge that it was heard up to 10 Kilometers. Loyal eyewitnesses said that the explosion sounded like a bomb when they were preparing to retire for the night.

The causality feared many who thought it was an earthquake that rushed to the streets and sat there.

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