30-Year-Old Killed His Parents While They Sleep; Arrested: Pune

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A 30-Year-old man apparently murdered his parents while they were sleeping and then, tried to kill himself by slashing his wrist.

The incident took place on Wednesday morning in Pune, where an unemployed alcoholic man tried to commit suicide after killing both his parents. The man has been identified as Parag Kshirsagar (30) who was arrested by the police as he is still alive due to the failed suicide attempt. The deceased has been identified as Asha Kshirsagar (55) and Prakash Kshirsagar (60).

The incident happened at their residence on the third floor of an old building near Suyog marriage hall in Shaniwar Peth.

He attacked his father with a knife and her mother with a rope under the influence of alcohol. After which  Prateek Kshirsagar, the twin brother of the accused, has lodged an FIR against his brother for killing his parents.

According to police, Parag is a diploma in mechanical engineering, an alcoholic, unmarried and unemployed. While his mother is a clerk in a local government office, his father was a retired engineer from a private company.

During the incident, Parag twin brother Prateek was sleeping at home, but did not get hurt by his brother

Parag Twin brother, Prateek, who was sleeping with his daughter and wife in their bedroom at the same residence and around 2:30 am Prateek suddenly heard the sound of his mother and brother. He ignored what was happening as this all goes regularly at his house.

In the morning at 9 am, when Prateek’s wife saw a bloodstained knife. She followed the blood marks and found her father-in-law lying with cut marks on his throat on his bed. She later found out the body of her mother-in-law with a rope around her neck in the study room. She then called the neighbors who in turn called the police. The accused has been arrested for murder.

According to the police, Earlier, Parag had a verbal argument with his parents over money issues that led to the attack. The accused has been having psychological problems for the last several years and had been visiting a psychiatrist for at least a year.

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