5 Killed, 10 injured in blast on ONGC Ship at Cochin Shipyard

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5 people killed and more than 10 were injured in ONGC ship blast while repairing at Cochin Shipyard Ltd. in Kerala.

The incident took place on Tuesday around 11 am when all the contract workers and daily wage laborers were working on the ONGC ship also no regular workers were present due to the holiday.

The bodies have been recovered from the ship and killed people have been identified as two firemen, two contract laborers, and one supervisor.

According to the sources the blast sound came from the docked vessel, Sagar Bhushan when there were around 20 people working on the ship.

According to the police, the situation is under control and the rescue work is on its way.

Cochin Shipyard managing director Madhu Nair confirmed the blast in the water tank of the ship added in a statement he declared the amount of Rs. 10 lakh as a compensation to the families of the dead workers in the blast.

The Cochin Shipyard is the largest and oldest shipbuilding and maintenance for two decades.

The drilling vessel was being repaired at the dry dock of the shipyard when the blast took place and those who covered on that smoke falls to death.

The further inquiry in this regard has been initiated as ordered by the shipping minister Nitin Gadkari and injured people have been shifted to the hospital where Nitin Gadkari asked the managing director of the shipyard to provide all the medical support to the victims.


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