70-year-old man rapes a 9-year-old girl

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A 70-year-old madrasa teacher alleged molested a minor girl in New Delhi. The girl is from Narela area. She has sustained critical injuries. The police arrested the accused on Tuesday. The incident has highlighted the safety and security concern in India’s national capital.

Swati Maliwal, Delhi commission of women chairperson tweeted,” Woke up to the brutal rape of a 9-year-old girl by a 70-year-old man in a madrasa. The girl has bled substantially and sustained critical injuries. On my way to the hospital to see her. Sickening!”

Amit Mishra, an RTI activist and leader of the ruling party said that no child is safe in any religious institute.

The reports have come months after UP Police raided a madrasa in Lucknow. The police rescued 51 sexually assaulted girls from the madrasa. The locals said that few girls were held as hostages. They come to know it by thrown letters from the madrasa window where the girls shared their horrific situation. The letter was sent to the police by the local residents.

When the situation came to notice the madrasa owner Syed Mohd Jilani Ashraf along with few girls who were held as hostages filed a complaint with the Saadatganj Police against the Madrasa manager Taiyyab Zia Ashrafi. The police successfully nabbed the manager.

In a statement, the owner, Ashraf said that he had given the building to Ashrafi for running the madrasa which later turned into a hostel giving admissions to only girls.

A similar sort of story took place last month where a Maulavi raped a 12-year-old girl and molested another minor by showing her a pornographic clip.

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