A Gang of kidnappers Hijacked Police Van in Madhya Pradesh

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A gang of kidnappers hijacked a 100 dial police van, undress the cops, wore their uniform and sped off to kidnap a girl.

The incident took place on Sunday morning in Panna District of Madhya Pradesh when four people dial 100 and called police by saying that one person is doing the nuisance near Bamuraha village.

When police reached the same place they found one man lying on the road faces the ground and as the cops stepped towards the person, he rolled on and held the cops with the gun after which his hidden gang members also joined him immediately.

According to the police, the gang stripped the uniforms of the cops, wore their dress and tied the policemen with rope and hide them in another car after which they went away in a police van towards the girl village whom they planned to kidnap.

Once the gang reached the girl’s village, they knocked the girl’s door and his father who was somewhere found something suspicious opened the door after seeing the police van parked outside the home. The policemen asked the girl’s father and girl to come to the police station along with them regarding the case the girl filed against his uncle for sexually harassed her. After which the girl’s father was ready to go with them.

While going the gang members forced the girl’s father to get out of the van and sped away with the girl. After which they went to the same place from where they hijacked the police van and returned the van and the clothes to the cops and went off from there along with the girl.

According to the senior police official, the girl and the accused person were suspected in a relationship.

However, the FIR has been registered against the criminals, but no one has been arrested yet.

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