Adult son has no legal right on his parents property, says HC

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According to the reports, son above 18 years, whether married or unmarried has no legal right to stay in his parents house.

He can claim only at their mercy. Bench also said, that the parents have allowed their son to live in their house; it doesn’t mean they have to “bear his burden” throughout the life.

This intervention took place by the High Court after the son challenged the order of a trial court in favor of the parents.

Elderly parents had told the lower court that both their son and daughter-in law, who were living with them on the first and second floors, had made their “life hell”.

Elderly couple had filed complaint against their son and issued the notice of disowning them in 2007 and 2012.

Their sons and daughter-in-laws had claimed that they were legally permitted to live in the house because they had paid for the purchase and construction of the property.

But both the sons failed to prove any evidence that they have invested in the parents property.

So, on Tuesday Justice Pratibha Rani passed the judgement in the support of elderly parents.

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