Ahmedabad realtor Mahesh Shah detained by IT Department

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Mahesh Shah detained by Income Tax department, who went missing after revealing unaccounted income of over Rs 13,000 crores under Income declaration scheme on Saturday.

Mahesh Shah is a Gujarat based real estate dealer, he was in Defaulter List of tax payment as he had failed to pay Rs 4,500 crore in taxes to the IT department. Following this his money was declared as unaccounted.

IT officials has recently conducted raid at Mahesh Shah’s Ahmedabad residence including his relative’s houses and his chartered accountant firm Appaji Amin as they had made the IDS declaration on his behalf.

Shah appeared in the office of ETV network Ahmedabad and said, “Sum of money declared by him over Rs 13,000 crores is not mine” and he was the front face of some businessmen, politicians and government officials.

During his interview with ETV, Police and IT officials came and took him to nearby police station.

Shah also endorsed the media to not target his family members, as they are not related to this declaration of his income they don’t know anything.

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