Air India: Wheel chair bound passenger refused to board flight

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In a shocking incident, a wheelchair-bound passenger was reportedly refused to board the Air India flight from Bangalore to Kolkata on December 17.

The passenger was identified as Kaushik Majumder, a researcher at the Indian Statistical Institute.

It was reported that Kaushik Majumder alleged that he was harassed by Air India staff and was not allowed to board his flight to Kolkata on December 17.

While interacting with the media, he said, “I was boarding the flight to Kolkata, it was Air India flight no. AI776. After taking my boarding pass and clearing the security check, I was told that I have to remove the battery of my wheelchair and shift to a non-electrical wheelchair, which I did. But despite disconnecting the battery of the wheelchair, the staff said that all the wires connected to the battery had to be removed. Now that was completely impossible for me because there are many wires and removing them and putting them back is an expert’s job”.

While in its defence, airlines refused all the charges against them.

The airline’s spokesperson said, “While checking in he had agreed to the terms, but before entering the flight refused to shift to the non-electrical wheelchair. Battery-operated wheelchairs are not allowed on the flight. It is a safety regulation and we cannot violate it at any cost”.

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