Andhra Pradesh : Traffic Constable assault by two cops on busy road in Kurnool

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Traffic Constable assault by two cops

A video of CCTV of two policeman of Special Police Unit in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, turning and attacking the Traffic Constable in the open has come to light today.

The footage shows two policemen on a bike who continue to keep their vehicle parked stopped amidst the street, however it is apparent by the movement of vehicles around them that they have a signal to proceed onward.

At that point we see a traffic constable, in uniform, moving toward them and conversing with them, apparently checking what’s occurring.

All of a sudden, the bike rider gets off and begins following him. Soon, the bike rrider joins goes ahead as well, yet is not included.

These two policemen, in military uniform have been distinguished as Mani and Manoj, attached to the Special Police Unit.

Manoj can be seen attempting to assault the movement constable, however fortunately, a fourth individual comes into the edge and separates the two.

We see Manoj as yet mishandling the traffic constable, as they push their bike to the side of the road, totally dismissing the overflowing movement around them.

The Superintendent of Police is said to have suspended both Mani and Manoj and requested an inquiry against them.

Both of them have a history of being involved with similar incidents.

It has been accounted for that the trigger for the entire scene was a straightforward question of why they had stopped their bike in the middle of the traffic.

Video Source : TV9 Kannada

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