Anguished wife to Sushma Swaraj : Not on Mars, my husband stuck in Kuwait

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Sushma Swaraj Kuwait

A dalit wife from Uttar Pradesh, Unnao District, believes that the External Affairs Minister is not demonstrating an indistinguishable earnestness for their case as was appeared to bring Uzma Ahmed back from Pakistan.

In replied to a Twitter joke cracked by Twitter user Karan Saini, who said he was stuck on Mars, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj said on Thursday morning : “Even if you are stuck on the Mars, Indian Embassy there will help you.” While many found the tweets funny, it touched the crude nerves of a lady whose husband is reportedly stucked in Kuwait for 4 years.

Her spouse, Pawan Kumar (39), as indicated by her, left for Kuwait on a Khadim visa (domestic employment visa) in December 2013 and has not possessed the capacity return eversince. He reportedly got a job at a laundry over there and things evidently went fine for the initial four months. But the firm was sold and his new manager Abdul Shammari began defrauding Pawan, censuring him for business misfortunes.

“He tricked Pawan into signing some documents in Arabic and later stopped giving him wages,” she claims. “In 2014, my spouse approached the Indian Embassy in Kuwait. He disclosed to them how his manager was misusing him, who had his travel permit and other important documents.

Other than the External Affairs Minister, Mamta has additionally given written representations to MOS, Ministry of External Affairs, VK Singh and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “I’ve lost confidence in the Government of India that it could ever help us.

In the midst of cries, she made an ardent interest: “I ask for every one of you with folded hands, please help us to bring my husband back.” Hopefully, the Indian government is listening.

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