Anna Hazare praises PM Modi on his smart move for demolishing Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 currency notes

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Anna Hazare

Anti-corruption enthusiastic on Thursday appreciates PM Narendra Modi on his bold step taken forward to wash off the black money and corruption out of the nation.

Where Kejriwal’s mentor, Anna Hazare is praising the Prime Minister by calling it as a ” revolutionary step taken forward to combat corruption and black money”. On the other hand Kejriwal, himself is still standing against the wise decision which was taken by the PM Narendra Modi on 8th November evening and criticizing him on the declaration.

“This revolutionary step will curb black money, corruption and terrorism (funding) to a large extent,” Hazare said to the Agencies.

Hazare charged that all political parties accept  gigantic money, gifts as donations for elections but alter the receipts against the contributor to abstain from going under the scanner of Income Tax Authorities and RTI.

“The previous governments never showed the will to crackdown on black money. The present dispensation has taken a bold step and this will strengthen the democracy,” he added.

“Now the government should accept the challenge to eliminate black money from the poll process and politics as well by bringing in larger electoral reforms”. Hazare added by symbolizing the upcoming elections in some states next year.

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