Ashok Gehlot says, whatever the results, congress is an ultimate winner

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Ahead of the Gujarat Assembly Elections 2017, Congress party general secretary and in-charge of Gujarat, Ashok Gehlot made a statement in which he said: “Whatever be the result of the elections, the victory is said to be of the Congress”.

The Congress`s Gujarat in-charge Ashok Gehlot said his party is an ultimate winner in the Gujarat Assembly Elections 2017, even if doesn’t succeed in the state.

Congress`s Gujarat in-charge Ashok Gehlot said in a statement, “The BJP fought elections on emotional issues. (Prime Minister Narendra) Modi told voters that he is the son of Gujarat. His prestige is at stake”.

When reporters asked Ashok Gehlot, about whether Congress will win or loss in Gujarat, he replied: “It was a hypothetical question”.

He told the media, “But the Congress did a real election campaign and talked about the issues related to farmers, Dalits, tribals, and traders. We formalized our manifesto for the people of Gujarat after talking to them”.

Adding further to this, he said: “Let’s not talk hypothetically. Whatever the election results, the Congress and Rahul Gandhi are the real winners”.

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