Bengaluru: 7-year-old died after mother threw her from terrace

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In a horrific incident, a seven-year-old girl allegedly died after the mother threw her off from the terrace twice at Jaraganahalli in Bengaluru’s JP Nagar.

The incident took place near Jaraganahalli in JP Nagar, Bengaluru when the mother took her daughter to the terrace and threw her to the ground.

The mother was identified as Swathi Sarkar by the police.

The child was suffering from speech development issues.

The people who witnessed the crime, and saw the girl bleeding, tied the mother to a pole and allegedly beaten up before handling to the Police.

Police official said in a statement, “Kanchan said she would often quarrel with him, forcing him to live separately. She would lose control over herself during the fights and also assault her daughter”.

When interrogated with the woman, she told police that nobody has right to question her as she can do anything with her daughter.

The mother committed the crime out of a frustration, Police said.

It was reported that the woman was mentally unstable and often lose control over herself and assault the child.

It was learned that Swathi Sarkar hails from West Bengal and moved to Bengaluru with her husband a long time back.

However, Puttenahalli police has arrested Swathi Sarkar following the incident.

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