Bengaluru: Income tax officer’s son found dead

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In a horrific incident, a 19-year-old son of an income tax officer, who was allegedly kidnapped last week was found dead near a Bengaluru lake on Friday.

It was reported that the body of the college student and son of an income tax officer was discovered from Ramohalli lake in the city.

The victim who was a student of automobile engineering left his home on his new bike at around 6.30 pm on September 12 and told his parents that he is going to meet his friends.

Following this, when the boy didn’t return home, parents got worried and registered a missing complaint with police.

Following the incident, Police has reportedly arrested six people which also includes victim’s friend Vishal in connection with the case.

It was discovered that the kidnappers allegedly sent a Whatsapp video to the victim’s parents asking for the ransom amount of 50 lakhs.

Reports suggested that the kidnappers reportedly strangled him to death and dumped his body on the same night of the kidnap.

Victim’s parents received a Whatsapp video from his phone, where he was asking his parents to arrange the ransom amount and said the kidnappers look like terrorists and may also harm his sister.

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