Blue Whale Challenge: Man committed suicide by jumping into Sabarmati

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In yet another incident, a 30-year-old man from Banaskantha district in Ahmedabad, Gujarat allegedly committed suicide by jumping into Sabarmati on Thursday.

The man was identified as  Ashok Maluna, who hails from  Malan village in Palanpur taluka, Police said.

It was reported the once incident in connection with the killer game Blue Whale Challenge, which encourages people to hurt and kill themselves to win a challenge.

The man blamed the Blue Whale Challenge in a short video and said, “I had downloaded the Blue Whale game and this is the last step, which is why I am committing suicide”.

Sabarmati Riverfront West police officers said that the man has jumped from  Sardar bridge into the Sabarmati river on Thursday.

Before ending his life Maluna went live on Facebook and urged his friends to hand them over Rs 46,000 to his family which he stole from his own house.

Maluna also confessed that he even went to Mumbai to commit suicide but unfortunately could not attempt due to heavy rain in the city.

He further added, “I am fed up with my life which is why I am making this video. Please convey this to my family members…I don’t know how to tell them how much I love them”.

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