All you need to know before you judge a brave heart

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In today’s phase, we are becoming so cruel that without observing both sides of the coins we simply lash out our judgmental comments on each other. Social media is one such example which is becoming a trend these days. Going for a video and posting it on social networking sites, we all love to that too with a sarcastic caption. Things becomes sensation without comprehending what they truly are in genuine.

But before just clicking on the post button, Do we ever acknowledge what are  we doing? I guess no !! The thing we should be aware of, we all are lacking in our human behavior these days. As far, we should be generous to people we are just making uttermost rubbish videos which are going viral without knowing a fact that “ we should not judge a book by its cover”.

Social media is a platform which we all use in today’s phase to be updated with our surroundings and latest happenings. Nevertheless, misusing of that platform is just not appreciable. It should be a learning for those 14 million viewers who came in for viewing that video and splashing their remarks with inhuman comments is just a shameful attempt.

Things changed when a Facebook user posted a video with a sarcastic caption “fastest cashier in the world” which shows she is really slow at her work in the counting of the cash and updating the passbook. Soon the women become the center of the point for the wisecrack. But the truth turns out to indifferent to that video.

Video grabs the attention of 14 million viewers and 200K shares. Until a human rights activist came in and demonstrate the genuine side of the story.


Meet the brave heart  

Seen those remarks from the audience human rights activist Kundan Srivastava came enthusiastically in telling the other side of the story The lady in the video is Premlata Shinde who works at the Bank of Maharashtra, at this phase of life, who have suffered paralysis stroke and two heart attacks.

She had a choice of getting retired and sit at home but she rather decides to get retire with dignity and hence resumed her work after a long medical leave. Seeing her medical condition bank provided her a special system and additional cash counter.

Shinde has lost her husband and his only son lives abroad with his family.

Rather being so cruel and lash out without flipping the coin, we should learn to respect those brave heart who is really innocent and living a dignified life. At least we can just try to be kindhearted.


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