Businessman Manoj Munot donated 90 Houses to the Homeless on occasion of Daughter’s Wedding

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Maharastra businessman, Mr Manoj Munot gifted 90 houses to homeless in Aurangabad on auspicious occasion of his daughter’s marriage instead of spending huge amount of money on wedding ceremony.

Mr Manoj Munot, cloth and wheat merchant has built a colony for the homeless. Each house is constructed over around 12 by 20 sq. ft area, has two windows, two doors, fully lighted and painted.

It is also said Businessman, Mr Manoj Munot got this inspiration from BJP MLA Prashant Bamb.

According to the reports, business man’s daughter Shreya said she is very happy with his father noble decision and considers it as a greatest wedding gift.

After the wedding ceremony, newly married couple blissfully handed out the keys of the new homes to homeless.

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