Chandigarh Court Denied the abortion plea of a 10-year-old rape victim

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10-year-old rape victim’s plea of abortion is being rejected by the Chandigarh District Court on Tuesday.The girl was repeatedly raped by her maternal uncle and becomes pregnant at an age of 10.

This is not the first time when a minor got raped by her own relatives and get pregnant.Previously also the same incident came into the light when a girl raped by her step father and gets pregnant but the court has accepted her appeal for abortion.

The victim’s father is a government employee the doctors are concerned about the girl’s health as it is risky to carry a pregnancy at the such a tender age of 10.As per the doctors normal delivery is not possible as the girl’s pelvic bones are not fully developed and a cesarean is too dangerous at this age.With this pregnancy, the life of both a mother and child are at risk.

As per the law under the Medical Termination of Pregnancy, the abortion can take place until 20 weeks if there is a risk in the pregnancy.

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