Chhattisgarh: CM Raman Singh to give free mobile phones to people

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Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Raman Singh has planned to distribute free mobile phones to over 5.5 million people within two-and-a-half-years of time span.

The officials said in a statement, “The department has issued a notification for the Chhattisgarh Communication Revolution scheme from the ministry (Mahanadi Bhawan) here”.

It was reported that under the Chhattisgarh Communication Revolution Scheme (SKY), a plan of Rs 230 crore has been prepared to distribute free mobile phones to 5,560,000 people in the state.

Reports suggest that under this scheme the free mobile phones will be provided to the 5,100,000 students of technical and non-technical colleges, which also includes 4,010,000 rural and 560,000 urban poor.

The Department of Electronics and Information Technology has started its preparations under the scheme in the state.

The notification which was issued stated that the free phones will be provided to the youths of the rural household, urban poor families, and colleges.

Following this, the plan will be implemented in two separate phase.

It was learned that the main objective of this scheme talks about the general service centres and extension of banking services which will be provided to the public in the state.

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