Cinema hall closed in Tamil Nadu

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The movie freaks in Tamil Nadu aren’t happy as over 1,100 cinema halls stopped screening movies on Monday.

This move came after the state government’s decision of additional 30% tax over and above the GST rate of 28 per cent.

Abhirami Ramanathan, The Tamil Nadu Theatre Owners and Distributors Association president said in a statement, “We are against the corporation tax which is 30%. This is in addition to the GST rates. We are not against the GST. We welcome it”.

It was reported that the double taxation will make the movie tickets, even more, costlier than earlier in the state like Telangana and Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh.

Adding further to this he said, “We are not against the government. We are merely requesting them to revise the tax slab. By paying 58 per cent tax on a Rs 100 ticket, we can’t do business. We decided to close down theatres to show the government that we are helpless”.

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