Class 1 Lucknow student stabbed by senior girl in school toilet as she wanted a holiday

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Class 1 Lucknow student stabbed

In a horrify incident, a Class 6 girl stabbed the Class 1 student with a sharp-edged knife in the toilet of Lucknow’s  Brightland School. According to the police, the girl attacked the boy as she wanted a holiday.

“For getting the school closed, the girl attacked Hritik,” police said. The authorities added that someone may have told her that the only way a holiday would be announced was if one of the students died.

Six year old Hritik, studying at Brightland School in Lucknow’s Triveni Nagar, had been attacked in the toilet of his school. The boy suffered injuries on his chest and stomach and is out of danger.

He is currently in hospital. The doctors attending to him say he has stab wounds to his head and chest but that he is out of danger.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath visited the boy at the trauma centre.

School Principal Reena Manas meanwhile has been arrested. She is booked under sections 201 and 202 of the IPC. Police said she had kept the incident under wraps for a day.

According to the initial details provided by the police, the girl allegedly took the boy to the toilet and tied him with her dupatta before stabbing. Police also added the knife has been recovered and that it, along with a hair (of the attacker) recovered from the victim will be presented in evidence.

According to the police, the accused has had behavioural issues in the past and had run away from her home for three days. The girl has been identified as a senior of Hritik’s, studying in Class 7 in Brightland.

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