Class IX schoolboy slaps teacher

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A 15-year-old class IX student slapped a 50-year-old teacher in a school on Thursday. The incident took place in a Surat-based English medium school.

The story emerged as the teacher received a complaint from a student that one of the IX students was harassing him. The teacher who teaches at Sir JJ English School Hasumati Sarang called that child and scolded him. In reply, she was slapped by the student.

It blew away her spectacles and caused facial injuries.  Soon other students rushed to control the situation.

The family of the IX student and the student himself alleges that it was actually the teacher who harassed him and as a result, he slapped her.

The student was admitted to a local hospital. He complained of injury after being slapped and later thrashed by other students in the school.

In a statement, the school principal, Himanshu Parekh said,“The school teacher’s face was bleeding due to injuries. She is in deep shock after being slapped and our staff is also worried after the incident.

The child’s father works as an Auto driver. He said, “My son was attacked by other students after they were incited by the school teacher. I am worried about my son’s studies. He was being harassed by the teacher after which he slapped her.”

The school authorities told that he cannot continue the school. He will be given a school leaving certificate. The situation then came to light when the student apologized to the teacher in the presence of his parents.

The school is one of the oldest in the city. It is run by Surat Parsi Panchayat (SPP). The party president has said that the principal is conducting an inquiry into this matter.


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