Congress disrupt governor’s address in MP

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anandiben patel

The newly appointed Governor of Madhya Pradesh addressed the house for the first time as budget session of MP state assembly began on Monday.

Anandiben Patel was appointed as new Governor last month. While addressing in the house for the first time, she read a 50+ page speech, Congress interrupted her on numerous occasions. The opposition party Congress said that the government faked its achievements.

It all started when the Governor read,” No liquor shop has been started over the past seven years. This year, 66 liquor shops operating on the banks of Narmada River have been shut down.” Congress started a ruckus saying that liquor is home delivered across MP.

Mukesh Nayak, a senior Congress MLA from Pawai assembly said,” People walk ten kilometres to fetch water but alcohol is available till wee hours in the night.”

Anandiben was also interrupted by the legislatures while reading that the government reduced VAT on diesel prices from 27% to 22% and petrol from 31% to 28%. Additional cess of Rs 1.50 is also halted.

It staged another round of protest by senior MLAs that included the likes of Mukesh Nayak, Ram Niwas Rawat, Bala Bachchan, Sundarlal Tiwari and Dr Govind Singh.

The disruption continued to take place as the governor said that she was happy to tell the House that her government received Centre’s Krishi Award for the fifth time and ensured farmers get the fair price they produce. Bhavantar Bhugtan scheme is introduced as a pilot project.

Congress alleged that the government did not conduct any survey despite crop failure. They also reminded that the police even opened fire on farmers who were protesting in Mandsaur previous year.

They shouted by saying is all ‘Jhoot’.

The last ruckus took place when the Governor said that it has made electricity self-sufficient. Speaker Sitasharan Sharma has allocated March 7-8 for the in-house discussion.

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