Dead lizard served to a pregnant woman at McDonald’s

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Yet again in a negligent move, a dead lizard was served in a pregnant woman’s food at McDonald’s outlet in Kolkata.

A family in Kolkata planned an outing for the fast food to American fast food restaurant chain McDonald, but unaware of the fact that having the fast food will become a horrific incident of their life.

After having those French fries Priyanka, who is pregnant fall sick and reported the whole incident to the manager.

Priyanka said in the statement, “When I told the outlet manager about the incident, he showed a careless attitude and left with just a sorry”.

The pregnant woman clicked the picture of the dead lizard found in the French fries and filed a complaint at the police station.

In the meantime, spokesperson of McDonald’s India said in a statement, “We have been in contact with the customer and are taking the situation seriously. As soon as we learned about the complaint, we launched a thorough investigation to gather the facts of the matter. Probe into the matter is going on and we are fully cooperating with authorities involved”.

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