Delhi: 10-year-old girl’s sketches send her rapist uncle behind bars

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Finally, after two long years, a 10-year-old minor girl, who is a molestation victim got victory after a Delhi trial court awarded 5-year jail term to her uncle for molesting her.

It was reported that victim’s uncle who was identified as Ahmed, has sexually her many times before she fled away.

The girl, who is 10 now, has proven the worst years of her early life while staying with her aunt in Delhi. Although, she originally belongs to a poor family in Kolkata.

The Delhi High Court has trusted the crayon sketches drawn by the girl and took the decision in support of the victim.

It was discovered that while after the incident took place, she was given crayons and drawing book to keep her preoccupied. But what came next twisted the whole case. She drew several sketches which included: girl holding balloons, a dress lying beside her.

Chandra Suman Kumar, child rights activist and her lawyer told the media, “The legal battle is over. The girl lives in a children’s home and is attending regular school. She is doing very well in her studies and hopefully the compensation will help to build a bright future for her”.

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