Delhi: Hindi News Channel Editor Arrested for Raping Colleague

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Delhi Police allegedly arrested a news editor of Hindi news channel for raping his female colleague

The case came to light when the victim filed the case against him on 13 February at Delhi’s Tughlak Road police station.

According to the victim, she came in contact with the accused in 2016 while working in a gym after which they both became friends and the accused offered her a senior position in the news channel after which in April 2017, she joined the channel.

After few months, the accused called her at his residence and allegedly raped her on a false commitment to marry her. She added in a police statement that he raped her several times and every time he uses to do the false promise to marry her.

Police officials said, on 2017 August, the accused again assaulted her by saying that he will marry her soon, but after a few days, the victim got to know about him that he was already married and had children after which the victim decided to complain against the accused for raping her several times.

Police also added that the accused tried to stop her from filing the case against him by offering her some amount and also threatened her against filing the case.

On the other hand, the editor is denying everything and claiming that he had not done anything with the woman also, he had not offered any job to her.

The accused has been identified as Umesh Kumar, editor of a Hindi news channel.

However, The police had already registered a case against him under the relevant sections of sexual harassment and arrested him on Saturday also, doing the further investigations from their end.

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