Delhi: Indigo staff manhandles with passenger

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In a shocking incident, IndiGo airlines staff allegedly assaulted and dragged on the tarmac at the Delhi airport.

The whole incident was caught on camera which surfaced on the social media platform and was widely shared yesterday.

In the video, a passenger named Rajeev Katiyal was seen arguing with the Indigo employees. When Katiyal tried to get inside the coach, he was reportedly pulled back and he fell to the ground.

Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapati Raju said in a statement, “In a civilized society, fisticuffs have to be condemned”.

While giving the statement, the airline said, “Whatever may have been the provocation, whether verbal or physical abuse, we could have tried to display more restraint”.

Following the incident, IndiGo chief Aditya Ghosh allegedly apologised and said this is not their culture.

The video which is now going viral shows how a passenger was manhandled and thrown to the ground.

IndiGo chief Aditya Ghosh said, “The reality is that my colleagues were only trying to act in the best interest of the safety of Mr. Katyal and trying to prevent a potentially serious mishap”.

Later, the airlines apologizes on the same and said,

 “Treating our customers with respect is core to what we do. Every day we take tens of thousands of happy customers to where they need to get to. It is for this reason that customers choose IndiGo number of times than any other airline in the country. An incident happened in Delhi airport which is entirely the opposite of this and against what we stand for at IndiGo. The video of this incident came to our attention and we took action. Even while the investigation was going on we immediately suspended the involved employees. I personally spoke to the customer and apologized to him the very same day. Whatever may have been the provocation, our staff were completely out of line and didn’t follow laid down procedures…. Under the code of conduct violation, this incident was investigated by the designated committee and stern action was taken against the staff who was the main culprit by immediately terminating his employment. He was the one found instigating and aggravating the situation. He is the exact opposite of what IndiGo’s customer service aims to be.”

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