Delhi: Man chops his three-year-old daughter’s ears, claims ghost forced him

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In a spine-chilling incident, a 35-year-old man chopped off his three-year-old daughter’s ears and claimed the supernatural power forced him to do so.

The incident was recorded from the East Delhi’s Shahdara area in the wee hours of Thursday morning.

A senior Police Officer said in a statement, “He was hallucinating. He said he thrashed the girl because the ghost told him that he would kill her and take her along if he does not make her cry. He admitted that he started thrashing the girl first, but then the ghost directed him to chop off her ears. He did as directed”.

After the man was arrested by the police he claimed that the ghost asked him to chop off his daughter’s ears.

A Police officer said in a statement, “He reportedly thrashed his wife and asked her to leave the house. He took his wife and five other children to the terrace and locked the door. He then returned to further torture his daughter”.

The girl was immediately admitted to the AIIMS Hospital where she was reported stable.

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