Delhi Police received Bomb threat call in Delhi

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In a surprising act, Delhi Police received a hoax call alleging that a bomb has been planted in several parts of Delhi.

The Delhi police were informed by the counterparts at Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh about the phone call which suspected that bombs were being planted at various locations in the capital.

The phone call was received by the Jabalpur SP which is said to be a hoax phone call on his mobile through the Voice over Internet Protocol.

In a statement police officer told the media, “Jabalpur SP received the call on his mobile through Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) about bombs being planted at several locations in Delhi”.

Adding further to this he said, “The SP informed the Delhi Police control room around 6.30 PM, following which police has begun the task of identifying the caller”.

However, the police officials are investigating into the matter.

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