Delhi Pollution: EPCA imposes ban of trucks as air quality improves

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The Supreme Court has appointed environment body to impose a ban on trucks in a bid to decrease the air pollution level in the capital.

It was reported that Environment Pollution Control Authority (EPCA)in its order has imposed the ban on entry of trucks in Delhi.

Following this, the ban on construction work was also being added in the order.

Bhure Lal, the chairperson to EPCA said in his letter, “We are watching the situation very carefully and we have been informed by the India Meteorological Department and the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology that pollution may rise again because of increased moisture in the air in the coming days”.

It was learned that severe-plus GRAP was being imposed after a thick yellow blanket of smog covered Delhi on November 7.

Further to this, the letter reads, “However, if the conditions continue to improve and air quality stabilises, we will review the measures under the ‘Severe’ category and inform you accordingly”.

However, on Thursday till 11 a.m the Delhi’s AQI was recorded as 345 which came under the very poor category.

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