“Disruption is totally unacceptable in Parliamentary” says President Pranab Mukherjee

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As from past several winter parliament sessions have witnessed continuous disruption by opposition leaders over the issue of demonetisation. President Pranab Mukherjee said disturbance is totally unacceptable in Parliament.

On Thursday , President Pranab Mukherjee criticizing opposition said everyone is here to share his/her views, discuss but not to disrupt. “Disruption is totally unacceptable in Parliamentary system. People send representatives to speak and not to sit on dharna and not to create any trouble on the floor”, he said speaking on “Electoral reforms for a stronger democracy” on the occasion of Defence Estates Day Lecture here.

He further said “Disruption means you are hurt, you are gagging majority.  Majority never participates in this disruption. Only minority comes to the well, shouts slogans, stops the proceedings and creates a situation in which the Chair has no option but to adjourn the House. This is totally unacceptable”.

Honorable President said he is not pointing any party, this is not for any single party. He said it’s a responsibility of everyone.  As disruption has became practice from past several session due to which speaker had to adjourn the parliamentary session which is totally unacceptable.

He also said despite of differences, everyone has opportunity to speak whatever in their mind freely, and no court can interfere in what I say on the floor of the House”.




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