Fake Degree Racket Busted: 3 Arrested including one DU Graduate

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New Delhi Police on Monday arrested 3 fraudsters who were selling the fake degrees of various boards and universities to the students after charging a big amount from them.

According to the police, the racket was operated by 3 people, including a DU graduate Pankaj Arora, who was running his fake education & welfare society in New Delhi after which Pawiter & Gopal Krishna joined him and all three started advertising about the fake services and started publishing fake advertisements on Newspapers as well.

The accused had already sold around 50,000 fake certificates on PAN India and was also operating more than 30 websites of various boards and universities.

The whole incident came to light when a resident of Rajasthan, Vijay had come across with an advertisement and contacted Pankaj Arora’s “SRKM Education and welfare society” to get the admission and relevant certificates of class 10 after which Pankaj asked him for Rs. 1,31,000 after which Vijay and his friends paid the particular fee.

After a few days, Vijay received all the relevant certificates and mark sheets of class 10 of the Andhra Pradesh board after which he informed Pankaj about the same as he and his friend had never appeared for the exam and received the certificates without appearing in the exam.

Pankaj ends the discussion by saying that he does not need to worry as the certificates are genuine as he had arranged it and he also told the victim that he will not face any problem related to the certificates while applying for the passport as well.

According to the police, the victim applied for his passport in Rajasthan after which the authority rejected his application by saying that his class 10 mark sheet and certificates are fake which turned the victim to file a case against Pankaj Arora after which police arrested Pankaj Arora on 5 January and later during the interrogation with Pankaj, police came to know about his two partners who also has been arrested on Monday by the Delhi Police by putting their mobile phone on surveillance.

During the interrogation with the accused police came to know about the other regional offices across India, where they had their agents who were convincing the people to get enrolled in “SRKM Education and Welfare Society”

According to a senior official of Delhi Police, They had already registered the case against the accused and now doing the further investigation to arrest the remaining agents. Also, they are trying to find all those people who had received the fake mark sheets and certificates to get the job.

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