Faridabad: 13-year-old maid jumps off 11th floor to escape slavery

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In a horrific incident, a 13-year-old girl allegedly committed suicide by jumping from the 11th floor of a building in Faridabad, to escape slavery and torture which she had experience for over two years.

The minor girl was reportedly tortured by her employer, where she was also suffering from malnourishment.

The accused has been identified as Sneha from Faridabad by the police officials.

The girl took the extreme step after suffering from two years of slavery and torture.

It was reported that she was starved and was not allowed to go outside the home. It was learned that the girl hails from Bihar.

HS Malik, the chairperson of the Child Welfare Committee said in a statement,  “I have given directions to invoke specific provisions of bonded labour and child labour in this case. Even provisions of the Juvenile Justice Act will be invoked. She might have made attempts earlier to run away, but was unsuccessful”.

Adding further to this he said, FIR was lodged on Thursday morning in connection with bonded child labour case

Roobesh, a resident of the building said in a statement, “On Wednesday morning, the victim jumped from the 11th-floor apartment and got stuck in a bird net of the balcony on the 10th-floor, which is vacant. The girl was stuck there till around 4.30 pm when the owner of the flat at ninth floor, a school teacher, heard her cries”.

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